ATLien Torch Bearer

bobby ray

If you don’t know the young man above then you’ve been deprived of the most refreshing presence in hip hop.  A true torch bearer of the unique Atlanta fusion of hip hop, soul, funk, rock originating from the Atlanta collective known as the Dungeon Family is Bobby Ray a.k.a. B.O.B.  From growing up in Ga., those artists were those that changed hip hop in content and sound, and B.O.B. is another step forward.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing catching his energetic and live band infused set twice.  Each time relieved by his passion and ability to capture the crowd.  Particularly those that may have only heard a track or two and are at first taken aback by the live instrumentation, and then shortly there after brought in like a baby leaning forward for its nourishment.

Do yourself a favor, when he’s in your town catch his show for your auditory health and cop this collection courtesy of 2DOPEBOYZ.

Bobby Ray, 2DOPEBOYZ, always on point.