Jay-Z, Not on The Blueprint 3

Did anyone notice the one glaring thing missing from The Blueprint 3?

Unlike his previous releases Jay has decided to remove himself from the cover of his album.  This presents two first for Jay in the course of a week, the first being his U.S. Festival debut at All Points West, stepping in for the Beastie Boys.

Although the cover may be as much of a rumor as the tracklisting, I’m not going to doubt if this what we will be left with.  Not to read anything into it, but it is an interesting departure for Jay, especially for someone who has always been such a leader in trends to follow “Little Brother’s” art direction on an album cover, granted Kanye’s capable hands are all over the CD.

I’ll save my thoughts for another post.

Evidence after the JUMP

P.S. – Peep Idolator‘s keen eye.