Mr. Hudson – Straight No Chaser

I’m still figuring out how I feel about Mr. Hudson.  At one point he has the talent and of course the backing *ahem* Kanye.  At another point even with Kanye West’s backing, he seems to fall into a sort of pop lounge singer, which can either crush his growth or provide him with a solid niche as a jumping off point into his future.

As each song is released, I’ve yet to be seized by his voice, but perhaps embraced awkwardly.  That feeling you get when you’ve taken your dog to the vet and he slowly warms back up to you, it doesn’t take long but its uncomfortable at first.  That’s how I feel about Mr. Hudson.

I do appreciate the humility Mr. Hudson expresses as he discusses straight no chaser in the video, especially in light of another of Kanye’s protege’s insistence that he is sliced bread *ahem* Cudi.  I believe Mr. Hudson has what it takes to become a star of some renown, at this point there needs to be some sort of watershed moment for him: a great guest appearance, performance, or an undeniable single, one of those that will have everyone saying, “I knew about this guy a year ago,” and telling friends they discovered him.  We’ll wait and see; I’m writing down what I will say.