CyHi Da Prynce: “Living Wonderful” Video

Feeling the groove and mood this video sets & CyHi Da Prynce is one of the cats I’m looking out for, of course he’s from the A.

From the keyboard of director Decatur Dan:

There is always an interesting story behind every music video I shoot. About 8 hours before he wants me to board a plane, I get a call from Cyhi’s manager Mike telling me he wants to fly me to Miami to shoot a video with Prynce. After we came together on some simple terms, I was off to brainstorming ideas. After Mike told me the set up down there, my picks where between ‘Living Wonderful’ and ‘Can’t Wait’. When I arrived I met with Prynce and we locked in for Living Wonderful. You could call this video a documentary style, being that this all really happened, very natural, nothing was staged, I just told a story of Prynce living a wonderful life. Almost like Big Pimpin’, if I would have thought about it, that is the video I would have referenced. Anyways, thanks to my boy Craig Sprecher who put his touches on the color grade. Press Play.

Oh here is a fun fact, the first video I ever shot was exactly a year ago, with guess who? Cyhi, funny how shit works out.

Grab CyHi’s Royal Flush Mixtape here or here.