Vimeo’s Best Rd. 1: Clipse & 100% CG

I’ve never been one of those constant Youtube users.  It always seemed rather cheap on the whole.  I only find out about cool shit on youtube through friends, blogs, etc.  Having to sit through an unreliable buffering video only to have its quality be spotty at best, even with the current HD setting, which has made the experience a bit better.  But that still doesn’t make watching someone with an overinflated since of importance discuss the occult symbolism of Lady Gaga, or poorly edited cat videos.

This is why Vimeo is the shit; well crafted videos and art in high quality, with a low level of bullshit thrown in.

Current Faves:

Always gotta show love to the Clipse; I just need that video for “Showin Out” that beat is raw:

This was made completely through computer generated means, directed by Thirdseventh ridiculous where CGI has taken us in recent years:

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