Andre 3000 & Ke$ha “Sleazy” WTF.?

Okay when I first saw and listened to this I lost my mind. Other than the infectiously bounding beat, I though hell had frozen over and 3Stacks had given up any artistic integrity and/or is broke.

Thank god I listened a second time.

As Andre is prone to doing he hops on an otherwise innocuous track, annihilates it, drops some gems on the listener to think about (*See Unk – Walk It Out Rmx for example), and cashes his check .

He does the same here when linking up with Ke$ha on the remix to her track “Sleazy”.

Andre speaks to the broken home, particularly the lack of a responsible father figure, that often is a catalyst for let’s just say “Sleazy” behaviour.

We started out so cute in our baby pictures
That mommy shot for our daddy so that he wouldn’t forget you
He forgot anyway, but hey, one day he’ll remember
If not he’s human, I’m human, you human, we’ll forgive him
God gives him his ultimatum, can’t see how momma hates him
He’s such a cool ass guy, then wonder why she date him
I’m only 8, I’m not old enough, guess it’s complicated
Two parent dwellings, expelling have got so underrated
I only say this in cadence so it don’t get negated
I was gon’ save it for later but later look like maybe

Sleazy (Remix) – Ke$ha feat. André 3000 by HDMI44