Before I Die: Guangdong Museum China

When I saw this I could think of only three things: it opens a portal to hell, its used as next millennia social experiment, or it signals aliens. I still wouldn’t doubt that one of those is still an option. Either way it’s now on my list of sites to see. Architecturally awe inspiring.

From Rocco Architects:

Guangdong Museum is one of the four cultural landmarks for Zhujiang New Town of Guangzhou. Conceived as an Objet d’Art in a monumental scale, it is an allegory to the impeccably and intricately sculpted antique Chinese artifacts of a lacquer box, which collects and reflects treasures of the times. The museum is designed to house objects of treasure, and is also a treasured object of fascination. It is an identifiable cultural icon, giving visitors a memorable experience on the traditional wisdoms as well as the appreciation of the cultural identity of the city.

by @bjones21