Before I Die: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Tokyo

This is one of the most awe inspiring thing I’ve seen in a minute.  I”m not a overtly religious, but I can see finding God being relatively easy in a place like this.



ABOUT St. Mary’s Cathedral:

The plan of the building is in the form of a cross, from which eight hyperbolic parabolas rise in a manner similar to a contemporary (but slightly later) landmark cathedral in San Francisco, also known as St. Mary’s Cathedral. These open upwards to form a cross of light which continues vertically the length of the four facades. To this rhomboid volume other secondary constructions are added, including the baptistry and the baptismal font. Their rectangular volumes contrast with the symbolic character of the cathedral. The bell tower is 60 m in height and stands at a little distance from the main building of the cathedral. The exterior surfaces are clad in stainless steel, which gives them a special radiance in keeping with the religious character of the building. Since 2004 he has a large organ built by the Italian Mascioni. (via Wikipedia)

*Note the Hyperbolic Parabolas; this was done in 1964.  An age before computers and design & architectural ‘CAD programs.  A fact like that takes a structure of this magnitude to another level.

** Note that will probably be the first time i’ve used ‘hyperbolic parabola’ since highschool & the last time ever again