Carnovsky: Social8gency Interview

The art collective Carnovsky, consisting of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla have done a series of some of the most interesting pieces I’ve seen in recent memory with their RGB set, which at its zenith is able to transform whole rooms into  a intense sensory experience.

They were kind enough to answer a few of my questions, that I hope will be part one of  more discussions with the busy pair.

Where did you individually study?

Francesco Rugi: I’m an art historian and I studied in Bologna (Italy) and Silvia is a industrial designer, she studied in Bogotà (Colombia). we met at Domus Academy in Milan, where both graduated in design.

Was there a moment when you believed the art world was one you wanted to enter into?

Not really a specific moment, maybe we both have always been interested in art, and in particular in the contaminations between art, design, and other worlds.

Was there a piece or artist that you remember that intently put you on your paths?

Hmm, diificult to answer there are too many…

Favorite mediums to work with?

We don’t think to have a favourite medium to work with, but we are actually really fascinated with all the print techniques,  or better, with all the image reproduction techniques, antique and new, and in different media, from tapestry to inkjet… and we also love working with paper and cardboard.

You came on the scene for me with the RGB Wallpaper and after some time as a collective you’ve created a larger number of works; Artificialia, Love ’60, and your design for the band “3/4HadBeenEliminated“.

Actually the works that you mentions are previous to RGB. You know, the problem with a website is that you have to keep it update and it takes a lot of time: we have many other works we haven’t yet published, some because we are still working it, others we are just looking for the right way or right time to show.

Where did the concept for the RGB Wallpaper come from?

We start thinking on RGB since two years: RGB come from different inspirations and ideas: experiment with lights and colors, to create surface that could mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus and a reflections on ancient frescos and how it could be possible to make stuff like that in the present time, and so we came up with the wallpapers that for us is not only home decoration but at the same time should refers to narrative and paintings. It takes lot of time to develop the graphic language of RGB either in terms of research of the sources that we use either in terms of design process.

Your projects with 3/4, how did they come about did the band contact you randomly or was there a personal connection there?

We really love to work with musicians and do graphics design in the field of music like CD cover. We think this is a field where you have a lot of freedom to experiment which is difficult to find when you do graphic design for big companies. In the specific case of the 3/4 we are good friends with the band, and also big fans of their music, so we are always happy when we have the possibility to create some artwork for them.