Stream Childish Gambino’s Debut Camp

Waiting on this to drop for a minute now. I alerted ya’ll to young Gambino some time ago and now on November 15th @DonaldGlover aka Childish Gambino’s debut LP, Camp via Glassnote hits the shelves and the web. However before then stream that shit below; thanks NPR!

On a funny side note I have some odd kinship with the guy. I was reading and interview with him and we didn’t grow up under the exact same circumstances but very similar. Both Georgia bred, suburbanites, black, and not representing some sort of ‘blackness’ that is expected of us, and not cowing to the repression of emotion and variety of interests that is often placed on black men. That and a buddy of mine (black) said we look similar. Odd, I need to meet this guy, but then maybe the world will collapse on itself.

At least I’ll get an autograph out of it.