Things To Do In LA When You’re Brock Jones: New Boyz – “Backseat ft. Dev & The Cataracs” Behind The Scenes

I’ve been to a couple other video shoots in the past and to break it to you unless you really have something you have to be doing there, its a pretty boring endeavor.  Beyond all the glits that hits your screen when the final product is presented, its repeated takes, careful quaffing of a single strand of hair for “continuity”, wardrobe changes, and press.  Chachi and I were there specifically for the fourth and as cigarette delivery specialists, so our purpose was complete.

It started out as a bit of an adventure as Chachi Ramirez and I make our way there circling warehouse spaces until the massive imprint of Los Angeles’ Art-Deco styled Sears Roebuck came into light in the horizon, that building in itself is a bit awe inspiring; and I come to find out there are/were exact copies across the nation.

Anyway, we find the spot thanks to New Boyz‘ “Backseat” blaring out the back of the warehouse.  We walk in to find Dev in this dress and shoes that made me rethink the plan and just spend the rest of the day attempting to get her to come home with me, but this is about work.  She’s posted in front of an immaculate Mercedes Benz 300SL, yeah the original Gull Wing joint, with The Cataracs behind her as they run through pickups for the chorus.

Chachi gives a cigarette to one of the crew.

Its funny watching the activity surrounding these things, you have at one point grips, the production, crew and the artists’ handlers buzzing around the set making sure all is in place, and then there’s this solid contingent of those just hanging around not doing much of anything: bobbing to the music & checking their phones were two popular activities.  The other great part is just watching how the artists move in this environment.

Chachi gives a cigarette to The Cataracs’ manager.

Ben J was steady moving amongst the crowd and bumping to what was playing; Legacy seemed always posted behind the monitors watching how it all unfolds.  The Cataracs & Dev if not on camera couldn’t be found for the most part, seemingly enjoying those moments to handle their own business.  Oh yeah about Dev, she’s finer in person than you’d think.

Chachi gives a cigarette to The Cataracs.

Speaking of those just hanging around the set.  We had some radio winners in the house.  This was something else.  A nice bevy of cute young ladies looking club ready and an old white couple.

I Shit You Not.

This couple were winners from Minneapolis, I think.  I wish I could have held my laughter back long enough to talk to them, get inside their heads, and see what in gods name made them: A. enter the contest B. make the trip & C. if they even knew who the New Boyz were.  But hey I won’t throw stones, they looked like they were seriously enjoying the experience.

Over the course of the production we got everything we needed: solid B-Roll, solid stand-ups, and an Animal Planet segment narrated by The Cataracs.  Keep your eyes peeled for my New Boyz interview coming soon & pick up “Backseat“.

Chachi gives a cigarette to Ben J.