Watch: Theophilus London’s “Girls Girls $” Its Mind Blowing

I just got my copy of Theophilus’ debut Timesz Are Weird These Days and it is fucking stellar. “Girls Girls $” is one of the many standout tracks on the album and its fitting it gets the video treatment, though wasn’t expecting this by any means. It’s just insanity, so I’ll let Theophilus tell it:

This video was built on the hype and importance of the internet. NYC legends and hotspots, twitter personalities, quotes and everything hyped weather good or bad. I was intrigued by this character my friend Ben Solomon had on his avatar and approached him via twitter and email to talk about a concept. He came over an we sketched out a few things and brainstormed. This is the modern day Waldo. Can u spot anyone? #isityou?

Found @PigeonsandPlanes by @bjones21 for @social8gency Tell me what you think is going on here.