Woofer Syrup: Blu Drops Amnesia EP

I really don’t think there is an active artist that I can truly say I love and hate like Blu. The Kanye’s of the world have become purely caricatures of human beings so my attitude towards them is no different than Snooki; my consternation goes as soon as the incident is over – just entertain me.

With Blu he to me is the true leader of this loosely connected NeWest movement in hip hop, complimented by TiRon, Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, OFWGKTA, Casey Veggies, PacDiv, and others.  His mic skills are impeccable, he’s slowly becoming a accomplished producer, and his lyrics are not of the inaccessible sort.  He kills every track he’s on! Problem is he just needs to be on more tracks.

Well this week a few prayers have been answered, a few days after appearing on the stellar “In” from HomeBaseNYC‘s Live At The Clubhouse MixTape(with two other personal faves Freddie Gibbs & Homeboy Sandman), Blu drops his 7 track Amnesia EP, click the pic to buy.  Now all I need is No York!