8 Days Of D’Angelo: The Beginning

So I got myself 2 tickets to D’Angelo’s return to an LA stage with his Independence Day Concert at the House Of Blues Sunset Strip, hell yeah!

Anyway with all the hoopla (well deserved) surrounding D’Angelo’s imminent return to the stage and stereo, it got me thinking.  Really I got to thinking and relatively loudly if you ask my girl and roommates when reviews and audio dropped of his EU dates a few months back.  I precede to turn my room into a sound dungeon (very easy with one of these units) and bump Brown Sugar and Voodoo in their entirety, while regaling my girl with my love for D’Angelo *pause*.  I’ll start with an easy one for everyone at home.

I guess I’m soulful guy at heart, with all the posts on hip hop, indie, EDM, etc that hit my site, nothing really impacts me like a top notch R&B or soul track.  That’s just the way it is and has been.  In fact my first two CD purchases were Brown Sugar and Tony Rich’s Words, so as I said pretty soulful out the gate.  Though both were heavy  in 12 year old me’s rotation, there weren’t really other choices (I also burned my money on Upper Deck NBA & NFL sets / video games / anything Dallas Cowboys), Brown Sugar was spinning constantly.

I couldn’t part with this album, there was something to it I felt like I knew immediately; familiar and classic, yet new and prescient (I was 12 years old, so I hadn’t really run into a situation that legitimately called for the phrase “Shit, Damn, Motherfucker”). The album is still with me after close to 16 years.

If you’re one of the girls I crushed on or dated between the ages 12 & 20 years old; I leave you with this reminder of the song I sang and the mixtapes I made.