From The Inbox: Proe Asks The Gladiators To Keep They Heads Up

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Proe dropped through the inbox a few days ago, being as I received a good number of submissions in a matter of days, I hadn’t gotten around to listening to all of them yet.  Sitting down this morning to go through them. I must say I waited too long to check out Proe.

A dusty style and sound that in some ways can be described as reminiscent of Homeboy Sandman, Grieves, & Atmosphere; fans of Rhymesayers and rap with a bit rock awareness will feel right at home with Proe.  In my opinion he’s got a style and passion that comes through with every word he utters.  Also there is a sick break in “She’s a Cutter”.

Be Brave, Gladiator  @Social8gency Recommendations:

“All Day”

“Cuss By Candlelight”

“Be Brave, Gladiator”

“She’s A Cutter”

“The Worst”

I don’t want to say too much more, I’ll let you decide whether you’re feeling it or not.  Check out the embed of his latest Be Brave, Gladiator below and look out for Proe -> @proemusic / Facebook / Official / Bandcamp


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