Social8gency Exclusive: Sound FX Interview

These two are on my list of favorite young guys in hip hop right now.  Not with the fanfare of the other breaking artists byt they should be in line with those that are putting out consistent work with a dedicated fan base that will soon see them getting their just due. Sound FX hail out of Los Angeles, get to know them below.

@BJones21 / @Social8gency: Let’s get the preliminaries out the way, how long have you guys been at it?

@SoundFxMusic: We actually started making music way back in the 10th grade which is about 6 years ago.

@BJones21 / @Social8gency: What is your relationship; how’d you both link up?

@SoundFxMusic: We are really great friends first and for most before anything but we linked up playing basketball.

@BJones21: What was the first song that let you know you were interested in music?

@SoundFxMusic: We don’t really remember but we actually started off producing music and from there rapping came naturally. Now here we are.

@BJones21: What was the first hip hop track that inspired you to pen something down?

McFly: No one song inspired me but the album “Fly or Die” by N.E.R.D. really inspired my love for music and captivated my imagination.
DuPree: Everything about music inspired me from the way it moved people to the lifestyle. It wasn’t just one song in particular.

@BJones21: You have been releasing a steady flow of material in your short time together, what keeps you going? In light of not the instant fan fare and publicity that the Odd Futures & the ASAP Mobs of the world have seemingly garnered?

@SoundFxMusic: The one thing that keeps us going is the fact that people really seem to have an emotional connection with our music and they really listen to some of our songs religiously. Just knowing that our music has the power to help some one out of a bad situation or even get through the day is what keeps us going. [pullquote_right]We try to present our music in a way that the aesthetics of the visual representation coincide with the music.[/pullquote_right]We also believe in what we do 100 percent and love our music so in essence we are doing what we love and we are doing it from the heart. We try not to let other artist success or failures affect our art or thought process. Of course being that hip hop is a culture built on competition we do watch these artists and learn from their business formulas but creatively we just do us and we feel like that will take us a long way.

@BJones21: What’s the type of success you’re looking for?

@SoundFxMusic: The type of success that gives us the power to control the music we put out and how we put it out. The type of success that allows us to perform at festivals and tour the world on a large or small scale, meeting new people & experiencing new cultures, while motivating and inspiring countless numbers of people with our music. The type of success that allows us to venture and expand our talents beyond the musical realm. The type of success that feels authentic, knowing that we didn’t have to change our selves, our morals, our ethics, our character, or our music, in order to achieve it.

@BJones21: One of the major things I was struck by when I first came across your material was the level of polish your work has. From the vocals to the production itself everything is very concise and thoughout. Speak on that if you can.

@SoundFxMusic: We are true professionals we always strive for perfection even though there is no such thing. We go out our way to bring the fans the best quality recordings within our indie budgets. [pullquote_left]The one thing that keeps us going is the fact that people really seem to have an emotional connection with our music [/pullquote_left]It is much more than putting out a song to us it is more about capturing a moment and bringing the listener into our world and allowing them to experience some of our experiences. We meticulously go through every lyric and note in other to put create the best art. The professionalism in our work also lets the world know that we take what we do seriously which is vital in todays music industry where any one can record a song and think of them self as an artist. It also comes in handy when presenting our music to potential endorsers.

@BJones21: Another piece is that you guys have a clear visual style for your album/singles covers; toeing the space where abstraction and concision meet. What can you say about each cover and what you attempt to convey?

@SoundFxMusic: We are really big on art not just music but all the different types of art. We try to present our music in a way that the aesthetics of the visual representation coincide with the music. We really take the word “Art” to heart as we try to be as creative as possible a lot not just through the music but also through the visuals. A lot of other musicians don’t give their art works any thought and that is one thing that really annoy us about the hip hop genre. We try to provoke thought with our art works because even before a person listens to our music the first thing they see is the art.


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