The X-Ecutioners and X-Men Roc For Raida

Roc Raida is one of the most influential DJs in hip hop, having come up through the ranks with a foundational power crew of DJs The X-Ecutioners & X-Men his mark is indelible. Recently both crews got together to celebrate Roc Raida’s 40th, with an album and series of vignettes.

I’ll let Rob Swift Tell it:

This May 17th marks what would have been Roc Raida’s 40th birthday. Unfortunately Raida isn’t here to rejoice with us but it doesn’t mean we can’t. Thus, I ask you, Raida’s fans, not to mourn his death on the 17th of May. For birthdays are about celebrating life.

Although Raida only lived to be 37, he accomplished more in those 37 years than some people do in a lifetime. The odds were stacked against Raida from childhood. The odds say a young man who drops out of school will never make it out of the projects. But Raida not only left Harlem’s Foster Projects as an adult, he left New York and made a home for his wife and kids in Maryland. The odds say an aspiring DJ without turntables will never be able to perfect his skills. But Raida initially developed his style by going to other people’s homes and practicing on sets that didn’t belong to him. The odds say once you retire from battling you’ve given up your chance to win a world DJ title. But Raida came out of a 3 year retirement and won the 1995 World DMC Title. The odds say once you die, the world moves on without you. But through the support of many of YOU for my mixtape “Roc For Raida”, the memory of Anthony Williams aka Grandmaster Roc Raida continues to live on. The odds have always been stacked against Raida and even in death, he continues to defy those odds.

So for those of you who’ve purchased “Roc For Raida”, on behalf of Tyeasha Williams (Raida’s wife) and their 3 kids, Tia, Nyra and Asia, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those who haven’t bought a copy of “Roc For Raida” I urge you to please support. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to Tye and the kids. But If that isn’t enough incentive, I hope my latest “Roc For Raida” video trailer will move you to Roc For Raida!


Rob Swift

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  • Artimus Walkstrange

    They don’t make DJ’s like that any more. RIP Roc Raida.

  • St8us

    I hear ya, I’m all for the new age of DJs electronic or otherwise; Araabmusic and Madeon come to mind for their virtuosity live. But there is just something that strikes me when yo have dudes grinding it down with their sweat, the needle and the vinyl