Azealia Banks & Drake Drop New Visuals: “No Problem” & “5am in Toronto”

Two artists I’m fans of but consistently make it difficult for me to continue to like them because of my perception of their personal choices, so I guess its fitting both drop new videos today that are both in contrast to each other and to who I think they are as people.

Is Azealia a good person with bad days (a lot of them) of a good person with bad days (on display by her own hands)?

Regardless when you’re in Miami & ULTRA its a good day. She and the beat are fire.

Is Drake hard or has he just picked up the persona of his ‘dread nigga from the south’? Rap is music, music is art, art displays emotion; Drake was feeling a certain way when he penned this.

Cuz ya know lotion is still lotion. Anyway though he delivers on this track.