From The Inbox: I’m Sure HAWDWERK Will Pay Off

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I’m way behind on the submissions, deal with it and forgive me for not bringing HAWDWERK to you sooner. He dropped his The Graveyard Shift album late February and I believe its worth your $3 to support a young man with talent and ability. The standout tracks to look out for are “Mastermind” & “Why Can’t We Smile ft. Chevy Jones”, both tracks present fully realized songs; the former about growth and expansion the latter about relationships and taking a look at who we are. Not laying this lofty of praise on the man, but I haven’t felt as strong connection with some hip hop as I did with these in particular since perhaps Blu’s Below The Heavens.

“Mastermind” & “Why Can’t We Smile” hit me that directly, so it could be more of a personal note than anything else, but that type of combination of ability, heart, and reflection are always welcome in these parts.

Take a listen to The Graveyard Shift by HAWDWERK, the man’s put enough of it in.
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