Happy Valentines Day Ladies From Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z “SUIT & TIE” MV

Justin continues his modern Michael Jackson game with the visuals for “Suit & Tie”. No shade thrown his way, he’s super talented but the falsetto & the production techniques on many of his hits are straight takes from MJ & his various production partners, and his solid homage with the white socks. Anyway though it also appears Justin drops in touches of Frank Sinatra with the visuals and the classic class look permeating his recent appearances; we’ll see if it catches on with the public as its been attempted (R. Kelly has his fingers crossed).

All that said I’m a fan of the track unlike many others who were lukewarm on its arrival; I will have to agree with the masses there better be a pop/dance banger hidden somewhere in the upcoming album. Please don’t steer us one way and then leave us not fully satisfied (I see you Usher).