Prince & 3rd Eye Girl Shut Down Jimmy Fallon

To make it clear Prince might as well ascend into the heavens any day now, he’s a god of music: rock, funk, hip hop, r&b, punk, it doesn’t matter. I saw him for the first time a few years back at his epic Coachella appearance and sadly missed him during his run in LA, this past year. However I’m geared up to put some cash away for whenever he glides across the country again for whatever upcoming project he has.
Last night he was on Jimmy Fallon with new backing artists 3rd Eye Girl and they put on show.

3 Questions:

1. Is Prince batting 1.000 on fine ass talented backing artists?
2. Is he supposedly rocking ‘3rd Eye’ sunglasses?
3. Is he putting on a Brit lilt to his vocals here?

More 3rd Eye Girl HERE.