High5Collective Interview: social8gency Exclusive

I’ve been a fan of these guys’ work for a minute now, though hadn’t seen any work by them recently, could be plans finally came to fruition and all have moved to bigger things. I came across this piece, in my hunt for productivity and the elusive ‘zero inbox’.
The interview has been in the can so speak for pushing a year as I’m working towards reintroducing director interviews. Anyway though this isn’t really the best work on my part and apologies for that, neither Q nor A were really up for this session, but read on to suss out what you can on the High5Collective.

1. where does the inspiration come from

From our imaginations. I don’t know, its a lot of things we think look cool or that the song inspires. Really everything is based more off of the emotion evoked from the sound than the lyrics themselves.

2. what’s been the response, if any, from the artists you’ve covered

Typically the response is strong if we get a response at all. There was an instance with a particular artist who hated what we were doing and shut down our first vimeo for copyright infringement. There are a few videos that people probably won’t get to see because of that ordeal, but you know if someone hates it that much you must be doing something right. 

what’s the endgame for you guys? others have moved onto features, commercials, tv

We’re movie people all around. I think 3 of 5 of us are working on scripts currently for features, thats the goal. WE NEED INVESTORS!

Why is the material seemingly so dark?

I think that a lot of it seems dark but there is usually an aspect of redemption or freedom from the norm that is alluded to.

What’s the central philosophy for your filmmaking & lives?

Fuck it.

Who do you want to work with in the future?

Music videos are cool, but the list is slimming for me. I can’t speak for everyone of the guys but I’m ready to shoot a movie. If I had to pick Kanye, Toro Y Moi, and Kendrick Lamar. I’m sure the other guys have their own top 3 too.

Where did you guys train?

In our mom’s basements.

Is there ever a goal you are attempting to reach? Audience / job / money / message?

To get better at what we do with each project and be successful enough to pay of these bills!

When’s the last time you took a still photo?

Always. There are so many avenues now. Sometimes we shoot disposable, 35mm, then digital stuff, instagram, medium format is beautiful. Stills are fun!

Is there subject matter you’re afraid to touch?

Not that we’re afraid to touch but we know not everyone will receive what we have to say all the time. We did the unofficial No Church in the Wild and the dialogue on youtube was nuts! That idea doesn’t even scratch the surface of where our minds go.

How’d you guys come together?

Pissing at a urinal in a dive bar.