SOHN @ The Troubadour 5|27|14

One of my favorite performances in recent memory at a venue that makes you feel right there with the artists like so few can nowadays: thank you SOHN & The Troubadour. Troubadour Marquee I’d caught wind of SOHN some time ago and knew when the first bars of “The Wheel” and then “Archetype” hit that he was firmly embedded in a style of music I’m enamored with alongside names James Blake, JMSN, etc etc. Sohn Bathed In Blue Do yourself a favor and pick up / listen / stream his 4AD release Tremors. Sohn Tracked In White   Sohn Fan In Awe   Sohn In The Shadows   Another Watcher In The Crowd   Patiently Awaiting   Lights Up   A Happy Accident   Pleasantries