WWE, Daniel Bryan, Undertaker Fantasy Storylines Pt.2; I’m Still A Dork

Grantland has had me thinking about professional wrestling again. The excellent podcast with “The Masked Man” David Shoemaker & Pete Rosenberg ‘Cheap Heat’ has had me thinking. Along with the WWE Network, I’ve been thrust into thinking about the days when I’d attempt to watch WWF & WCW as much as I could, the storylines, Royal Rumble at Philips Arena, and a myriad of other moments. With all that happening, I’ve fallen into fantasy booking // storyline creating: Im a frustrated creative, this helps.

In some way I see this as a two year deal covering 3 Wrestlemanias (including this year’s) This is ignorant of contracts FYI.

The overall crux of the plan hinges on 3 things that are classic tropes and easy for fans to hinge to family, power, and honor. The end result being the grandest coronation of a champion ever.

Daniel Bryan
The Undertaker
Triple H.
Shawn Michaels

Brock Lesnar
Bray Wyatt & Fam
John Cena
Mark Henry

To catch up, give yourself a few minutes to read through part 1 of WWE Fantasy Storylines.  Also to note this does not take into account the last week and half of shows. I have no idea what happened in them; these storylines were birthed 2 weeks ago. With that said, Enjoy.


— Bryan & Kane v. Wyatts —
bryan and kane tag team facing the wyatts, with individual matches for Bryan v. authority cronies & a slow creep of Evil Kane coming back (he occasionally goes overboard in matches, which also causes them to often lose via disqualification) but he’s holding that side of him at bay.

— Lesnar v Bray —
Lesnar is FOB. taking on anyone and everyone. Authority is comfortable with it as Lesnar is selling out stadiums, dominant, malleable, and that there is something greater in the works (specifically hinted at by Stephanie). Lesnar and HHH gain a new found respect, eventhough they have a past & Lesnar is unhinged at times; both acknowledge the competitive spirit and dedication each have to being the best and beating the best.

Bray is taking a climb up the ladder aided by Taker, essentially he is Taker’s apprentice; and having Bray at the top of the heap w/ title in hand, secures his Dark Reign (*fingers crossed for new PPV title) over the WWE

— Taker —
With Wyatts as tag champs, and their association with Taker revealed. Taker attempts to grow his power base and works to bring Bray to the forefront and to gain the belt. He is also working silently behind the scenes on his brother Kane and The Authority(At this point Bryan is more of an annoyance to Taker, not taken seriously by him, a small impediment to domination).

Over this time Taker has a few minor feuds, but leads to one with Mark Henry. Henry has taken on a sort of preacher persona, seeing the evil that is the Undertaker erode the company away (sort of black church twist on Shawn Michaels’ thing from his run against ‘Taker).


— DKv wyatts —
A no disqualification Inferno match. Brutal match with a few big spots outside and inside of the ring. Kane loses his mind a few times gong overboard with chair shots to the Wyatts, having to be restrained a few times by Bryan because of his brutality. He accidentally strikes Bryan knocking him out and almost giving up a pin.
WIth Bryan KO’d Kane Chokeslams one Wyatt out the ring then sets the other on fire to win the match. He picks up Bryan under his arm to celebrate and as he’s about to his the old Kane celebration when fire shoots up from the ring posts, all of the lights drop out.

Lights come up Kane and Bryan in the same position, but Wyatts are gone and only the rocking chair sits in the ring in front of them. Kane rages and destroys the rocking chair (potential addition to the storyline is the rocking chair is of significance to the past of Kane & Undertaker; due to their embrace of evil the Wyatts came upon it as a resource to harness power and ‘restore’ Taker and lure Kane). The crowd cheers seeing Kane destroy a tool of his previous enslavement to The Authority(The Wyatts used it to brain wash him this past year).blackout again.

Lightning bolt hits the stage, lights come up Taker, Bray, & The Wyatts stand in front of Kane and Bryan. However Kane now has a mask on again. Bryan is finally coming around and sees what has happened, but as he pleads with Kane to comeback ‘Taker snaps his fingers and instructing Kane to chokeslam Bryan. Leaving Bryan in the ring with the tag titles strewn over his chest.

— Taker v. Henry —
In a rough match ‘Taker ultimately wins with minor help from Kane to maintain the ‘Streak and evil’s hold on the company.

— Lesnar v. Bray —
An absolute brawl seeing Lesnar fight off both lesser Wyatts and a beaten down Bryan does enough to distract an oncoming Kane and Undertaker (essentially Bryan is brutalized further by the two) to allow Lesnar to come away with the clean win against Bray.

During most of the show HHH and Stephanie have been sitting ringside with the announcers, citing special interest in a close up view and how the talent is working and ultimately how the FOB “Face of the Business” performs.